Four Way Review – forthcoming

Waxwing – forthcoming
“Echo” and “Liriope”

Ploughshares – 2017
“Confession” (winner of Emerging Writer’s Contest)

The Rumpus – 2017

Narrative Magazine – 2016
“Muslim Girlhood” (Third Place for Eighth Annual Poetry Contest)

The Missouri Review – 2016
“Creation Myth”

Nashville Review – 2016
“In August, I Undress”

Reservoir – 2016
“The Call” and “How I Tell It”

TriQuarterly – 2016
“Echo and Narcissus”

Rattle – 2016
“While Reading the News About Orlando, I Hear the Call to Prayer” (2016 Best of the Net winner)

The Baltimore Review – 2016
“Narcissus Brings Me Flowers”

Winter Tangerine – 2016
“The New Mother Speaks”

Southword Journal – 2016
“After Another Attempt at Eighteen” and “of love, Sappho wrote” (First Place and Highly Commended for the Gregory O’Donoghue Poetry Prize)

The Collagist – 2016
“Keeping Track”

American Literary Review – 2016

Day One – 2016
“To My Teething One-Year-Old Self”

Narrative Magazine – 2016
“Hometown Nocturne,” “Fasting in Tunis,” “Night Lament in Hergla,” and “Sainte-Baume” (Second Place for the 30 Below Contest)

Academy of American Poets (poets.org) – 2015
“Ode to Ugly Things”

“Muslim Christmas”

Nazim Hikmet Festival – 2015
“Spark,” “A Woman Walks into Heaven and Hijacks Fate,” and “Shift”(Winner of 2015 Poetry Competition)

Rattle – 2015
“The Words Come, They Choke Me”

Rattle – 2015
“14, Sunday School, 3 Days Late”

Cartridge Lit2014
“…Erm, What Is His Name Again?” (2015 Best of the Net finalist)

decomP – 2014


New England Review – forthcoming
“Portrait of the Illness as Nightmare”

The Georgia Review – forthcoming
“I Fly I Fly,” “Questions the Ghosts Have Asked Me,” and “The White Poet Wants to Know Why I Don’t Write More Arab Poems”

West Branch – forthcoming
“Annunciation” and “Inpatient Triptych”

Gulf Coast – forthcoming
“The Blood” and “Night Ghazal”

Pleiades – forthcoming
“Litany While Reading Scripture in the Gynecologic Oncology Waiting Room” and “Waiting in Line at the Institution”

Massachusetts Review – forthcoming
“Still Life with Hemorrhage”

Poetry Northwest – forthcoming
“Metrorrhagia” and “Dressing Before a Mirror in Morning”

CALYX – forthcoming
Mary in the Waiting Room at the Gynecologist’s Office”

Crab Orchard Review – forthcoming
“Perennial” and “Cousins”

RHINO – forthcoming
“Reciting Poetry in the Psychiatric Ward”

Tin House – 2017

The Greensboro Review – 2017
“MRI Song”

Bellevue Literary Review – 2017
“Blood: Hx”

Raleigh Review – 2017
“Narcissus,” “Mourning,” and “Morning Swim”

Spoon River Poetry Review – 2016
“Ramadan Aubade” and “Autumn Aubade with Pigeons” (First Runner-Up and Honorable Mention for 2016 Editors’ Prize)

Indiana Review – 2016
“Immaculate or Otherwise”

Rattle – 2016
“My Mother Makes a Religion”

Ecotone – 2016
“While You Are Shaving, It Rains” and “Upon Realizing There Are Ghosts in the Water”

Southern Indiana Review – 2016

Fifth Wednesday Journal – 2016
“A Fly Buzzes Overhead”

North American Review – 2016
“Grief” (Honorable Mention for James Hearst Poetry Prize)

Rattle – 2016

Cimarron Review2015

Nimrod – 2015
“A Religious Education,” “Tunis Nocturne,” “Momon Eats an Apple in Summer,” and “Preparing Iftar With My Father” (Second Prize for The Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry)


Best New Poets 2015
“What Do Arabs Think of Ghosts?”

Annunciation – Phoenicia Publishing
“14, Sunday School, 3 Days Late”


The Adroit Journal – 2015
“There’s a Way Back: On Anna Journey’s Vulgar Remedies”